We are mainly a family business with many family members involved. We are in the centre of Headingley and love to be an integral part of the community and are always happy to greet local customers who return week after week often just for a chat and a mooch around. Relationships and connections with people are just as important to us as sales are.


My background is journalism and politics so opening a shop was not a natural progression but certainly a more ‘family-orientated’ one as the hours fit in more with family life. I’ve always been interested in antiques and vintage items along with Retro trends. It is also Sarah’s and the company’s ethos to provide high quality furniture at the lowest possible prices and also to play a part of local Headingley community and give back as much as we can.

Clare-Retail Associate & buyer.

Clare, known affectionately (and accurately-see photo) as Weird Clare is often found in the shop during the week. She has a passion for furniture and is very talented at restoring or upcycling items. Her small dog Molly often accompanies her to the shop and she loves to be stroked and to have lots of attention from customers (Molly that is, not Clare) Clare is a great auction hunter and sources many great items for the shop.

Beryl-Retail Associate

Married to the owner, Beryl is actually a nurse so on weekends or during annual leave, she willingly comes along and helps at the shop. From cleaning, pricing and serving customers Beryl is quite astounded at how much she’s learnt about antiques and furniture since the shop opened!


Nathan is the son of the owner and Beryl, retail associate and is great at sourcing items for the shop, whether it be online or hunting around at antiques and retro shows, Nathan is great at spotting a bargain and finds some excellent items for us.

Connor-Retail Associate.

Connor joined the team in February 2020 and instantly fitted in with the hectic environment that never ceases to throw up weird and wonderful situations. He is an excellent ‘people person’ and a great asset to the team.
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